Ukraine Strives for Diplomatic Resolution of Conflict on Its Borders

Ukraine Ready for Diplomatic Resolution of Conflict on Its Borders

President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, emphasized the country’s readiness for a diplomatic resolution to the war only upon returning to the borders of 1991. This statement was made during a discussion on the current situation in eastern Ukraine.

Striving for Border Restoration

Zelensky noted that Ukraine insists on restoring its actual borders in accordance with international law. He emphasized that the existing contact line between Ukraine and the occupied territories is not the final border of the country. The President expressed Ukraine’s clear intention to be prepared for a diplomatic solution to the conflict only when it regains control over its true borders.

Role of the International Community

Zelensky also highlighted Ukraine’s appreciation for the role of the international community in resolving the conflict. He expressed hope that the efforts of international partners will help achieve a peaceful solution based on respect for international law and principles of sovereignty.

CIA Director’s Visit

Prior to this statement, The Washington Post reported on the secret visit of the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States, William Burns, to Ukraine in June. During the meetings, details of an ambitious strategy aiming to regain the occupied territories and initiate negotiations on the terms to end the war with Moscow by the end of the current year were allegedly presented to Burns.

In light of these events, President Zelensky’s statement underscores Ukraine’s desire to achieve a diplomatic resolution to the conflict, but only upon the restoration of its actual borders based on international law.

Article: Ukraine Ready for Diplomatic Resolution of Conflict on Its Borders: President Zelensky’s Statement