Russian Losses in Chasiv Yar: Real Numbers and Expert Assessment

Recent discussions in the media have focused on Russian losses in the battle for Chasiv Yar. Forbes reported that Russian forces lost 99,000 soldiers in the fight for this strategically important point. However, Nazar Voloshyn, a representative of the operational-strategic grouping of troops “Khortytsia,” stated that these figures are inflated.

Forbes Data

According to Forbes, Russian forces suffered significant losses while attempting to capture the Kanal district in Chasiv Yar. The figure of 99,000 killed and wounded soldiers sparked widespread discussion among international experts and analysts.

Statement from the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Nazar Voloshyn clarified during a telethon that the figure reported by Forbes is close to reality if the entire frontline over three months is considered. “The number may be accurate for the overall losses on the eastern front, but in Chasiv Yar, it is significantly inflated,” he noted.

In the responsibility zone of OSUV “Khortytsia,” enemy losses over three months amounted to:

  • April: over 24,000 personnel
  • May: nearly 26,000 personnel
  • June: nearly 32,000 personnel

Actual Losses in Chasiv Yar

According to Voloshyn, in Chasiv Yar, specifically in the Kanal district, Russian losses amounted to about 5,000 personnel. He emphasized that the total figure of 99,000 refers to the entire eastern front and includes losses in other sectors.

Conclusions and Analysis

Thus, the reported losses of 99,000 soldiers encompass losses across the entire eastern front over the past three months. In Chasiv Yar, the losses are significantly lower. Russian forces indeed suffered heavy losses in this battle, but specifically in the Kanal district, the numbers are much smaller.

Russian and Ukrainian sources continue to provide different estimates of losses, making the situation more complex for analysis. Independent experts and analysts will continue to monitor and assess the situation on the battlefield.